How to apply your hybrid magnetic lash and liner set

Apply the magnetic liner & wait 10 seconds

Apply the magnetic liner & wait 10 seconds

snap your magnetic lashes to the liner in an instant

snap your magnetic lashes to the liner in an instant

touch up your liner with our touch-up pen

touch up your liner with our touch-up pen

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magnetic liners or adhesive pens

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We never use mink or any other animal fur in our lashes. All of our products are manufactured in a cruelty free environment and are completely suitable for vegans. Our eyelashes are made from premium Korean synthetic silk or our Exclusive UnReal Lash Technology with replicated the light, real hair feeling of Mink Lashes.

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- Best Magnetic Eyeliner on the Market -

Disappointed with a previous magnetic lashes & liner purchase? Don't give up hope yet!

Not all magnetic eyeliners are born equal. Unlike many other brands, we do not water down our eyeliner and shed no expense in our manufacturing process. Our unique formula has been tested time and time again against our competitors. We found that our eyeliner lasts an average of 6 hours longer than our competitors and stands up much better in winds and rain than traditional lash glue. You will frequently see other companies instructing you to put on 2 or 3 layers of liner. Our unique formula only requires 1 layer and still outperforms the competition.

- 30 days -

Reuse our magnetic eyelashes for 30+ all day uses (Even more if you look after them well!). If you aren't 100% happy with your lashes, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

- Quality - 

Our magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner system is the most advanced on the market. With 6 magnets on our specially designed lashes and a unique magnetic eyeliner formula, our lashes and liner are superior to competition in both safety and performance.

Our False Lash products are easy to apply directly to the eyelid, remove and clean.

REUSE 30+ TIMES - Our lashes and eyeliner are the perfect reusable cosmetic product or gift.

- Lash Delivery -

Buying your falsies couldn't be easier. Order online using our lash package delivery service, anywhere in the UK, or pick them up from one of our local retailers.

- Value Bundles -

Save on our best selling styles with our curated value bundles.

- Find Your Lash Match -

Try our lash finder quiz - From dinner dates to big nights out, get the perfect lashes and eyeliner to match your plans