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How to apply

Pre-Glued Lashes

We believe everyone deserves to experience professional-grade beauty with ease and comfort. That's why we've designed our Sunday Salon Press-on Cluster Lashes to transform your beauty routine, combining the luxurious feel of premium lashes with unprecedented simplicity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply Pre-Glued Lashes

Step 1: Prep

Prep your natural lashes by removing any makeup or excess oils to maximise wear time. Use a cotton pad to clean eye area before application. Ensure that your lashes are free from mascara, as this may affect the adhesive.

Pro Tip: Curl your natural lashes before applying cluster lash.

Step 2: Carefully Remove The Lash From Tray

Be careful when removing the lash from your lash tray. Using your lash applicator, delicately grip from mid-way up the lashes.

Step 3: Apply Lashes

Using the lash applicator, gently apply each cluster underneath the base of your natural lashes, 1mm away from the waterline to avoid possible irritation.

Pro Tips:

(1) Wipe your lash applicator between clusters to remove any sticky residue

(2) If you're struggling with application, use your free hand to lift up your eyelid whilst applying

(3) Look down into a mirror while applying. This allows you to clearly see the underside of the natural lash

Step 4: Clamp & Set

Once you’re satisfied with your application, you can use the lash applicator (or our clamp tool) to clamp down on your natural lashes and the lash clusters. This will help the adhesive set.

Application Tips

  • Leave a few natural lashes free on the outer corner while applying the first cluster for a more natural look. Ensure there are no gaps between lash segments as you work towards the inner corner.
  • After applying lashes, wait 24 hours before showering or exposing them to steam. During showers or face washing, avoid direct water contact with the eyes.
  • Use cotton pads to clean the eye area around the lashes before use. This prevents oils from touching the lashes, which can weaken the bond and reduce wear time.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face to maintain lash adhesive longevity.


First, ensure your hands are clean. Then, gently lift the clusters off, starting from the band side, using your fingertip for precision and care.

Struggling with your lashes?

Please reach out to our customer service team by visiting the contact us page