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How to Apply - Hybrid Liner & Magnetic Lashes


DO: Please ensure that your eyelid is free from oil before applying your magnetic eyeliner, this will drastically improve the eyeliner's hold - For oily lids, please cleanse the eye area and ensure it is completely dry. 

DO: For best results, apply a non-oil based eye primer. Alternatively, you can dust with powder or use eye shadow as a base.

DON'T: Use the touch up pen or any oil based remover included in your starter kit to clean your magnetic lashes as this will cause them to fall apart. The cleansing balm/oil is strictly for removing eyeliner from your eyelid.

DON'T: Use an oil based mascara with the false eyelashes.

Please remove the eyeliner and eyelashes fully before going for an MRI scan.


Step 1 - Preparation

  1. Make sure your eyelids are clean and free from any oil. You can apply an oil-free primer base or use your eye-shadow before applying the eyeliner.
  2. If needed, trim your Magnetic Lashes from the outer ends to fit your natural eye shape.

For a guide on how to trim your magnetic lashes, visit HERE.

  1. Roll each lash around your finger for 1 minute. This will help them take shape and will prevent the ends lifting.
  2. If you wish to wear mascara, please apply it before applying your false lashes! This will help you get the most out of them.

Step 2 - Liner Application

  1. Shake your Magnetic Eyeliner well before use.
  2. Apply a layer of magnetic eyeliner to your lash line and allow 60 seconds for the liner to become slightly tacky. Make sure to apply an even coat across the entire area where the lashes will sit. If you have hooded eyes it is best to close your eyes during the drying process.
  3. Dry test: Pat your finger on your eye line to see if any eyeliner comes off. If any eyeliner comes off, it isn’t dry enough!


Step 3 - Lash Application

  1. Apply the lashes by starting with the inner corners then lightly pressing along the lash line securing the magnets in place. Adjust as necessary. Pinch and press down near the roots of the lashes to set them.
  2. Do not use an oil based mascara on your false eyelashes. We also recommend not using a waterproof or heavy mascara as this will seriously affect the longevity of the lashes. 

Step 4 - Using the Finishing Touch Up Pen

  1. Smudged liner? No problem! Take your finishing touch up pen and shake well
  2. Remove the white lid and using the single nib end you can start to erase the smudge without removing all your liner.
  3. In the base of the Finishing Touch Up Pen you will find extra/clean replacement nibs. 
  4. To replace a dirty nib, simply pull the nib from the top of the pen and it should slide out easily.
  5. Then take one of the replacement nibs from the clear lid section at the base of the pen and slide into the space where the old nib was.
  6. Put the lid back onto the pen and store upside down for 60 seconds. The new nib should now feel damp with remover and is ready to use.
  7. Please note you can use the touch up pen to remove all your hybrid liner but Micellar water or a good quality eye makeup remover should also work well! 

Step 5 - Cleaning your Lashes

  1. After each use clean the magnets on your false lashes with warm water and a cotton bud.
  2. Start by gently peeling any excess eyeliner off of the magnets.
  3. Take a cotton bud soaked in warm water and gently clean the magnets.
  4. Repeat these steps until the magnets are clear of any excess eyeliner.
  5. Place lashes back into the tray to maintain lash shape.
  6. Warning: Do not use the Magnetic Eyeliner Cleansing Oil, Balm or touch up pen to clean your false lashes as it may disturb the magnets