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How to Choose False Lashes to suit your eye shape


Hooded Eyes

This eye shape is our most common request when it comes to lash advice. Hooded eyes have little eyelid visible when your eyes are open and there are loads of ways to work with this when choosing lashes.

False lashes are a great way to open up hooded eyes but if the lashes are too dramatic then it can make your eyes look heavy and smaller. We suggest something that is longer in the centre of the lash or shorter, natural styles for a pretty, elegant look. 

Top Picks for Hooded Eyes: Rose Quartz - Jade - Love Letter - Daisy Chain



Round Eyes

Calling all round eye babes! If you have round eyes then your eyes will usually be one of your most striking features, large and with the ability to see the white of the eye around the iris. 

You will tend to suit lashes with a more defined curl or lashes that taper at the outside corner as they will draw the eye outwards and give a more cat eye effect.

 Top Picks for Round Eyes:  Jade - Love Letter - Amethyst - Diamond



Almond Eyes

Smouldering and mysterious, almond eyes can't help but draw you in! If you have almond shaped eyes you will not be able to see the white of the eye either above or below the iris.

Lucky you - you can wear almost any style of lash! We suggest going for a fuller lash style with an evenly distributed volume all the way along the lash band.

 Top Picks for Almond Eyes:  Sapphire - Amber - Ruby - Moonstone



Monolid Eyes

How can you tell if you have monolid eyes? Monolid eye shape is distinguishable by the lack of crease on the eyelid and although, not exclusively, is mostly found on people of Asian ethnicity.

Monolid eyes can have quite straight natural lashes so we recommend curling your lashes first and then choosing a lash with overlapping layers or graduated length. 

Top Picks for Monolid Eyes: Daisy Chain - Amethyst Moonstone - Amber