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Are your eyelashes, eyeliner and oil cruelty-free and suitable for vegans?

All of our products are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. Our eyelashes are made from synthetic silk and no animal products are used in the manufacturing of our lashes.

What are your lashes made from?

Our lashes are made from premium synthetic silk. No animal products are used in the manufacturing of our lashes.

Are the eyelashes waterproof and wind resistant?

Lola's Lashes are wind resistant and have been tested up to winds of 75mph. In other words, they are going to stay put in the wind!

Lola's Lashes eyeliner is waterproof and will stay exactly where it should be with zero smudging in the rain and during workouts. However, we do not advise that you go swimming or shower with the eyeliner on.

Can I use mascara with the eyelashes?

Normally we don't advise using mascara if you are going for a more natural look. However, mascara can help blend the false eyelashes with your own eyelashes. Please be aware that using mascara may affect the longevity of your lashes. If you do decide to use mascara with the lashes, be sure to use a non-oil based mascara.

How do I remove Lola's Lashes magnetic eyeliner?

It couldn't be simpler! Use our cleansing oil along with a cotton bud or pad and swipe along your upper lash-line until the eyeliner is gone.

You can use any oil-based makeup remover to remove Lola's Lashes magnetic eyeliner. Do not use the cleansing oil to clean the eyelashes. Please remove any excess liner from the eyelashes with a non-oil based cleanser.

How long are our lashes?

Our lash lengths are as follows:

  • Rose Quartz - 6mm - 9mm / 27mm width
  • Jade - 6mm - 10mm32mm width
  • Sapphire - 6mm - 10mm / 32mm width
  • Diamond - 7mm - 12mm / 32mm width
  • Amber - 8mm16mm 32mmwidth
  • Ruby - 8mm - 14mm / 32mm width

How long do the magnetic lashes and eyeliner last?

Our magnetic lashes last up to 30 all-day wears and our magnetic eyeliner lasts up to 60 uses.

How long should I let the magnetic eyeliner dry for?

Allow the magnetic eyeliner to completely dry then apply the lashes. We recommend to do a dry test before popping the lash on. Apply a second layer for extra hold!

How much magnetic eyeliner should I apply?

You should apply one layer of magnetic eyeliner with enough coverage to allow the magnetic lashes to connect - you can apply a secondary layer for extra hold. Allow the magnetic eyeliner to fully dry (3-5 minutes) before applying the lashes.

I have experienced hair loss as a result of a medical condition, will the eyelashes work for me?

Natural hair loss was one of the inspirations behind our product. The Lola's Lashes magnetic eyeliner holds the eyelashes firmly in place allowing you to use them without natural eyelashes.

Many customers affected by alopecia & chemotherapy use our products as the solution for their natural hair loss. The lashes do not need to adhere to glue on your eyelashes - but instead, adhere to the liner on your eyelid!

Lola's guide to finding the perfect lash

Rose Quartz - our most natural lashes in magnetic range. Perfect for adding a bit of subtle volume to your daily look.
Jade-  natural, every day & perfect for any light makeup look ✨⁣⁣
Sapphire - very classy with a touch of sass. Good for a day time look and acceptable for nights out as well.
Amethyst - mid-length lash with doll-like spacing. A perfect balance between natural and striking
Diamond - more of a night time look and added volume.
Moonstone - full volume but with a shorter lash length
Amber- dramatic and wispy
Ruby - Full on flashy!

Lashes photo comparison:


My eyelashes are too long

All eyes are different and this is why we design our eyelashes long enough to suit all eye widths. If your eyelashes are too wide for your eyes, using scissors, please carefully cut the ends of the lashes down to the outer most magnet. You can do this on both sides.

We also offer our Rose Quartz lashes which are more suitable for people with smaller eyes. They are only 27mm wide in comparison to the other styles which are 32mm.


What are the most natural looking lashes?

Rose Quartz is our most natural pair.
This is perfect for adding a bit of subtle volume to your daily look.
Here's the link to our Rose Quart Kit:

Jade and Sapphire are also natural with added length.
Lashes photo comparison:



What makes our product superior?

The Lola's Lashes magnetic eyeliner complies with EU and US safety regulations and is completely safe for your eyes and skin. Furthermore, our unique formula has proven to have a much greater hold on the magnetic lashes than our competitors' formulas, ensuring our lashes stay firmly in place all throughout the day.

Many brands use 3 connecting magnets, whereas we use 5. This ensures a much better hold on the eyelash and also gives our customers the freedom to cut the width down to suit the width of their eyes. Our lashes are also superior in terms of ethics and hair quality, as we only source from cruelty-free, premium manufacturers.


How do I return a product?

Please read our returns policy carefully before returning. Any returns that violate the terms of our policy will be returned to sender. You can find our returns policy HERE.

To make a return, please email with your order number and reason for return.

We normally review returns requests on the same day. We will approve/reject all returns requests within 24 hours.

Once your request has been dealt with, you will receive instructions to your specified email immediately.

What if I don't like the style of the lashes and want to exchange them for another pair?

To make an exchange or return, please email our team at with your order number and reason for return.