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Article: What are magnetic lashes and why should I use them?


What are magnetic lashes and why should I use them?

Magnetic eyelashes are the newest innovation in false lashes. Rather than using messy glue to apply lashes, they attach using – you guessed it – tiny magnets. Say goodbye to glue and hello to the most convenient way to apply and wear false eyelashes.

You might have heard about magnetic false lashes in the past and come across some not-so-great reviews about them being difficult to apply or feeling heavy and slipping. This is where Lola’s Lashes are different.

We don’t use clunky clip-on magnet systems that look obvious and feel heavy, the magnets on our lashes attach to your lids with our special magnetic eyeliner, meaning that you only need to use one product (no more messing around with glue and liner, making a mess, starting again) for lashes that apply in just seconds. You can even apply them with one hand!

They’re easy to apply because the magnets on the lashes, and the magnetic eyeliner, are attracted to one another, meaning that it helps you to position them in place, rather than trying to hold it in the right place yourself with one eye closed (we’ve all been there!)

Lola’s Lashes also use five tiny magnets for extra security, whereas a lot of other magnetic eyelashes use just three. That’s why our lashes can withstand wind up to 75 mph! They’re also waterproof too, making them perfect for workouts or braving the weather. The lashes can also be used for 30 all-day uses, and our lash starter kits come with everything that you need to be able to apply, store and remove your lashes safely.

They won't damage or pull your own eyelashes either when used correctly, as they adhere to the magnetic eyeliner on your eyelids. Lash extensions, for example, actually stick to your lashes which can cause damage or pulling.

Our lashes are 100% cruelty-free and suitable for vegans, being made from premium synthetic silk. As well as this, they meet all EU and US safety regulations and are safe for eyes and skin, making them a great choice for people who may have been allergic to lash adhesives in the past.

Want to find out more about how easy Lola’s Lashes are to use? Check out our reviews here.

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