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Article: Galentine's Day In Ideas for you and your BFF's

Galentine's Day In Ideas for you and your BFF's

Are you ready for a Galentines Night In? We defos are! 

We may not be with our Galentines in person this year, but we can still celebrate virtually, babe! 

Given that this celebratory day is a Saturday this year, it’s practically mandatory to have a cyber party. So we’ve listed our top ideas for making your night in with your true ride or dies one to remember!



  • Create the ultimate and most empowering feel good playlist you can think of with your chicas. Each adds 5 of their favourite ‘girls night in’ songs and get the volume turned up on your speakers. The closest to the club we’re getting! Every time you listen to it you will think of your besties and it's seriously uplifting on a bad day...


  • Watch a classic chick-flick together on Netflix Party; 10 Things I hate about you, Sex and the City, Mean Girls… the list goes on! Discuss the heartthrob hunks and the sassy 90’s and 00’s fashion on the chat option, whilst sipping on a homemade Cupid's Arrow from your bedroom Teleparty (


  • Secret Santa, but make it sassy? -  Why not put your twist on this gift exchange and do a Secret Cupid edition! Give your gal a gift that you know she’ll love; new PJ’s, a pamper hamper or a lush set of Lola’s Lashes. Unveil all on your zoom call and try to guess who got what (if you haven’t spilled the secret already!) Gift Exchange Generator (


  • GRWM - We can’t have the usual pre-drinks whilst getting ready with the gals, but can do our own version of a GRWM! Grab your fav Lola’s Lashes and have a good old gossip on zoom whilst you make yourself look FAB for the night ahead!



When you’re done with these, you’ll be left feeling like the queen you are! Valentine's day, who?

Looking for a special cocktail to celebrate with?

Why not try...

Galentine's Day Cocktail- Cupid's Arrow

Add a little decadence to your Galentines night in with this cutesy cocktail. We’ve attached the recipe for one drink, but feel free to make a bigger batch… less time in the kitchen and more time on the zoom call with your besties!

How to Make: 

1/2 can of Sprite
40ml of vodka
20ml of blood orange liqueur
40ml of orange juice
1 splash of lemon juice
5 chopped berries of your choice (we recommend raspberries and strawberries!)
1 teaspoon of sugar
Optional: chocolate shavings for garnish




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