Bubzbeauty Tutorial and Review (Unsponsored)

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your eyelid is free from oil before applying your magnetic eyeliner, this will drastically improve the eyeliner's hold - For oily lids, please cleanse the eye area and ensure it is completely dry. For best results, apply a setting non-oil based eye primer. Or you can dust with powder or use eye shadow as a base.

DO NOT use the cleansing oil to clean your magnetic lashes as this will cause them to fall apart. The cleansing oil is strictly for removing eyeliner from your eyelid.

Please remove the eyeliner and eyelashes before going for an MRI scan.

EYELASH CARE: After every use, please clean your magnetic lashes with any oil free makeup remover. Soak a cotton bud in the cleanser and gently remove the excess eyeliner from the magnets. Please take care whilst doing this as your magnetic lashes are very fragile. Once you have cleaned the excess liner from the lashes, they are ready to be placed back into their storage container.

Warning: If you do not clean the excess eyeliner from the eyelashes after use they may fuse to the magnets in the storage container. This will seriously decrease the longevity of your eyelashes and is not covered by our 30 day returns policy.



Step 1 - Starting at the outer edge of your eye, hold your magnetic lashes up against your eye to see how they will fit. Roll the lashes gently to adjust to your eye shape. Trim the lashes if necessary. It is advised that you trim the edges of the lashes down to the last magnet. This will stop them lifting.

Step 2 - Shake the magnetic eyeliner bottle and apply as you normally would to a clean, oil free lash line. Allow to set for 2-3 minutes until tacky, then apply the lashes.  

Step 3 - Start at the outer corner of your eye. Place your magnetic lashes onto the liner and adjust until they are perfect. Then press them 1/2 times to ensure they are secure. If you need to adjust the lashes you may have to reapply the liner first. Apply Mascara to blend in your own lashes if needed. Please be aware that mascara may affect the longevity of the magnetic lashes.

For Best Results (Extreme hold) - Apply a layer of liner and let fully dry (5-6 minutes), then apply second layer of eyeliner. Let second layer set for 1 minute and apply lashes while the eyeliner is still tacky.

Removal - Gently pull the lashes away from your eye. Use cleansing oil with a cotton bud to remove the eyeliner from your eye area. Clean excess eyeliner from magnetic lashes with a non-oil based cleanser before placing back in storage container.

Do not clean the magnetic lashes with the cleansing oil.